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Current Projects

The Ahimsa Project is focusing on developing projects for 2024.

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Berks County, PA

Our first project in 2024 will be reforesting a 1/2 acre at Kula Kamala Foundation and Yoga Ashram in Berks County, PA. The foundation has provided us with the space to reforest and as another measure to support their community.


What our plantings will do for the community even in the early years?

  • Produce 576 lbs of Oxygen

  • Store 216 lbs of carbon

  • Save 5944 gallons of water evaporation

  • Cools the community (about 5 air conditioners working for 1000 hours!)


We will be focused on native plants and trees, which will include a mix of fruit and nut trees to be used by wildlife, as well as the foundation's kitchens, and to support their work with food donations for area food banks.


Planting trees are one of the easiest and quickest ways for us to help improve air and water quality and capture greenhouse gases. We benefit globally wherever a tree is planted. Support this project today and take a big step in climate action.

Montgomery County, PA

Working with Tomorrow's Homestead, we are using a model to support the implementation of agroforestry while supporting beginning and small scale farmers in Montgomery County, PA. A half acre will be rented, a diverse array of flowering, fruit, and nut trees will be planted, and when the area is ready to produce, it will be turned over to the farmers. All fruit and nuts these trees would produce would be available for all the farmers using the land to use for personal consumption and sell.

This program supports area farmers and food system developers receive rent on land that is not producing goods while these trees mature.


Agroforestry is one of the solutions the U.N.’s FAO has recommended to mitigate climate change while protecting food systems.

With your help we may be able to rent additional land to install a riparian buffer AND tracks in other areas on the land. 

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Donate Today

Join us as a sponsor or project friend.

1/4 acre: $750/year ($62.50/month)

1/2 acre: $1,500/year ($125/month)

1 acre: $3,000/year ($250/month)

Acknowledgement will be provided on our website and social media accounts.

Or join us as a donor through our GoFundMe fundraiser. All contributions no matter how big or small support the project.

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