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Planting a Tree

Be a Guardian of Green: Adopt a Tree Today!

Join us in making a tangible difference for our planet by adopting a tree today. Your contribution goes beyond simply planting a seedling; it's an investment in the future of our environment.


Each adopted tree not only helps combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide but also contributes to preserving critical ecosystems, providing habitat for wildlife, and enhancing the beauty of our surroundings.


By adopting a tree, you're leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come and playing a vital role in building a greener, healthier world. Together, let's make an impact—one tree at a time.

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Adopt a tree today and receive a complimentary personalized certificate as a thank you for your support.

Your contribution supports the planting of one tree in one our reforestation or agroforestry sites.

Adopt 5 trees for $50 and receive a 5x7 Pine Trees watercolor print on acid free archival paper by Paint for Poppy, a Michigan & NYC based woman artist.

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