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Scholarships for girls achieving excellence

in climate action

$500 Scholarship

(Left to Right): Susan, Demi, and Tasya wrapping up their trek and camping in a nationally protected rainforest site with two NGO's, including Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) and their ASRI Teen cohort.

Each year, The Ahimsa Project, will award one or more $500 scholarships to girls entering university who show excellence in their academic studies and community work and will be majoring in a climate-focused subject.

This scholarship is named after a student from Sukadana that Susan met during her time in Indonesia. Finding out that travel was the obstacle to getting to university, Susan and her community raised money to sent the student, Demi, to school and buy her a laptop. Demi is thriving at university in Java and is studying sustainability in order to support her community and country after graduation. 

Indonesia has the third largest rainforest system in the world, and the importance of supporting young women in becoming climate champions in these areas has never been more important. One scholarship will be offered internationally and one for a student in the U.S. Special focus will be on students from rainforest communities, and in the U.S., underserved populations such as BIPOC, immigrant and first generation Americans, as well as LGBTQ+ communities, who can show need.

Applications will be accepted annually February through May and award announcements will be made beginning of June.

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