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The Ahimsa Project is a for-profit climate change and social intiative organization.

Our organization supports climate initiative's through reforestation, building green spaces and sustainable food systems, and education programs while addressing community needs.

Redefining the Way We Address Climate Change

At The Ahimsa Project, we are committed to addressing the urgent global issue of climate change. We believe that by reforesting degraded lands, creating green spaces in cities and suburbs, and building sustainable food systems, we can make a significant impact on the health of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Our team is dedicated to working with communities to create a sustainable future for all.


To alleviate suffering and increase peace in the world through climate action and social change initiatives. 


We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future by addressing the challenges of climate change through reforestation efforts and building sustainable food systems.

• Reforestation

• Sustainable Food Systems

• Education

• Community Support


Our Journey So Far



The Ahimsa Project was founded with the goal of making a meaningful impact on the planet by addressing the issue of climate change. Our project was selected by the Clinton Global Initiative University for their 2023 cohort under the original project name, Rewilding Cumberland County. This project was also accepted by Top Co-op with The Oxygen Project and One Earth for its 2023 cohort.



We launched our first reforestation project, working with a Pennsylvania foundation to install on a grassy 1/2 acre (.20 hectares) a forest and garden.

Through community fundraising, we were able to raise $675 (Rupiah 10,000,000) to support a young woman from Sukadana, Kalimantan Barat, is part of the ASRI Teen environmental program to go to university. Our contribution paid for her travel to school and a new laptop. The recipient will be studying environmental studies.

About the Founder

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Susan Kiskis holds a Masters in Science in Global Health from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing her second M.S. in Sustainable Food Systems under Dr. Kathleen Merrigan. Her extensive experience spans research, marketing, academia, and business management. As a GSA, she conducted environmental scans on farmers markets across the U.S. for an ASU project for USDA AMS and co-presented at the 2023 Agricultural Marketing Summit in Washington, D.C. She analyzed health perceptions around organic farming in West Kalimantan, Indonesia as a Planetary Health Research Intern, and prepared a literature review on, and presentation around, the mental health effects from climate change for Alam Sehat Lestari.

In food systems, she was a General Manager for a mid-sized health food store for over a decade and presented at Independent Natural Retailers Association national conference on marketing, and created the first children's educational garden at a Pennsylvania library.

Her work in climate action led her to creating the Mechanicsburg Earth Day Festival, doing conservation and reforestation work in the U.S. and Indonesia, and creating educational programs for children and adults.

In 2023, her climate action projects led to her acceptance into the 2023 Clinton Global Initiative University and The Oxygen Project's Top Co-op.

As a first generation American on her mother's side, and second on her father's side, and having grown up in immigrant communities in New York, Susan feels at home when traveling the world and immersing herself in different cultures. She has visited 26 countries in five continents and has visited farms and markets during most of her visits. 

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